Employment Opportunities, Tenders and RFPs, Road Closures, and Construction Projects are all examples of Postings. Additional Postings can be added if desired. Postings are listed on the landing page in the At a Glance section as well as inside the appropriate Articles within the related Posts.

Postings are similar to Posts in that they have a Title and an Editor field. Putting some content in the editor field is important for accessibility. Try to avoid simply adding scanned or generated PDF’s to the Documents section.

Adding a Featured Image (righthand sidebar) will display that image in the Single Article view. This is primarily used for Postings dealing with the disposal of excess equipment.

Start and Closing Dates/Times

These are selectors, similar to Meetings. The only field required is the closing date and as with News Articles, the Posting will show in the designated areas on the Closing Date chosen and will be removed at midnight. If you do not wish to display the Closing Date – perhaps a construction project has a vague end date, or you are accepting applications for a job indefinitely – simply check the No Closing box and enter a date far in the future. At such time as you no longer wish to display this Posting, simply trash it, change it to a draft or change the Closing Date to one that has passed.

Related Documents

As with Posts and Articles, Postings can display Documents pertaining to the Posting, for example a job description or the details of an RFP.

As with the other List View field inputs, you can either start typing to choose a previously added Document or you can click the Add New button. Try to avoid adding multiple copies of the same document. If the employment application for the organization has changed, modify the existing Document rather than adding it a second time.

Posting Types

This taxonomy is used to determine where each posting will be displayed. Choose the appropriate category and if you wish to add additional Posting Types, contact me. IF you do not choose a Posting Type, the Posting will not be displayed at all.

This Article can be found on the following pages: Manual, you may find other valuable infomation there.
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