Payment Information

Payment Information

Property tax payments can be made by the following methods:

A.  At the Municipal Office

  • In-person payments can be made at the office by cash, cheque or debit.
  • Cheques and the remittance stubs can be placed in the drop box located on the outside of the Municipal Office. Please retain the top portion of the tax bill for your records.
  • If you wish to have your tax bill date-stamped, submit the entire tax bill with your payment. The tax bill will be date-stamped when the payment is processed and the stamped bill will be mailed back to you.

Do not put cash in the drop box.

B.  By Mail

  • Current-dated and post-dated cheques can be mailed to the Municipal Office.
  • Post-dated cheques will be held and processed on the appropriate date.
  • If you wish to have your tax bill date-stamped, submit the entire tax bill with your payment. The tax bill will be date-stamped when the payment is processed and the stamped bill will be mailed back to you.

C.  In Person At Most Financial Institutions

D.  Telephone Banking

E.  Online Banking

Agreements are in place for online banking services with all major banks and some credit unions.

The roll number on your property tax bill is your account number for online banking purposes. The roll number is the 19-digit number attached to your property and is located at the top of your tax bill.  All roll numbers in the Township of Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan begin with 4719. Please note that for all banks, with the exception of CIBC, use only the first 15 digits of the roll number (do not use the last four zeros) when setting up your account number. If banking with CIBC, enter all 19 digits as the account number (include the last four zeros).

If paying more than one tax bill, you must set up a separate payee for each roll number.

To pay by online banking you will need the correct payee. Please refer below for the payee for each financial institution.

Financial InstitutionPayee
BMOBrudenell Lyndoch And Raglan Township Tax
CIBCBrudenell, Lyndoch, Raglan Tax
Credit UnionBrudenell, Lyndoch And Raglan
RBCBrudenell Lyndoch & Raglan (Twp) Tx
ScotiabankBrudenell Lyndoch Raglan Tax
TangerineBrudenell Lyndoch And Raglan Township Tax
TD BankBrudenell Lyndoch & Raglan (Twp) – Taxes

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