The Meetings post type can be used for actual meetings or it can be used for events such as Household Hazardous waste day or the annual Canada Day festivities. Which fields you fill in are determined by whether you are adding a meeting or an event.

For the sake of consistency, the Title field has been turned off, but the Editor field can be used to add supplementary information, especially for Events. Adding a Featured Image (righthand sidebar) will display that image in the Single Article view if you are creating an Event. Featured images do not display for Meetings.

Event or Meeting

This radio button is what determines which fields will be displayed and how. The default is Meeting and if your installation does not have this field, your system is set-up for meetings only be design.

Event Name

This is the Title of the Event. Meeting Titles are generated using other fields so only fill this in if you have selected Event in the section above. Again, if your installation does not have this field, your system is set-up for meetings only.

Meeting Type and Meeting Note

From the list, choose the Meeting Type. If you need additional Meeting Types added, let me know. You can also add a note, to differentiate a meeting from others – this is especially useful for Public or Special meetings. This text will be added to the meeting title.

Meeting Date

Choose the date of the meeting from the date selector. This is also the date after which the meeting will no longer display on the landing page and list of upcoming meetings and will move instead to the minutes archive.

Start and End Time

These are NOT selectors. You can put whatever you would like in these fields. The end time should only be filled in if the Event or Meeting has a SPECIFIC end time.


Choose the location of the Meeting or Event. Add a new one if needed.

Zoom Details

If the Also via Zoom checkbox is filled, the details entered here will be displayed in the single meeting view. The Zoom Link will display as a clickable link. If no link is provided, but a meeting ID is provided, the link to join a meeting will be displayed. Phone Passcode should only be used if it is different from the general passcode.


Info Package – this is a relationship to Documents. You can choose an existing Document by starting to type or you can add a new Document by clicking Add New. You can add more than one document to the Info Package. Please avoid adding more than 2 or 3 documents here. If needed, combine multiple documents in Adobe Acrobat first and attach then as a package.

No Package – checking the No Package box prevents the “An Agenda Package be posted here soon” message from being displayed when a meeting is added to a Department Page.

Minutes – behaves the same as Info Package above.

Audio or Video Links – use the complete URL for the video or audio, including the https://. Always double check your links once a Meeting is published. In future, you will be able to add as many links as you need. For now, 2 is the limit.

This Article can be found on the following pages: Manual, you may find other valuable infomation there.
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